WINDOWSHOP IN KOREA // Kakao Friends Store in Starfield Hanam Mall

Thursday, August 2, 2018

//are you ready to windowshop with hop?//


I visited the Kakao Friends store inside Starfield Hanam Mall during my first week arriving in Korea this summer!

But I had no selfie stick and no tripod at that time so I couldn't take any good photos of myself "hanging out" with my adorable Kakao Friends. Bummmer... They look like they are having so much fun hanging out at the beach!

These characters are basically the mascots of the popular Korean messaging app called Kakao. People in Korea use Kakao for so much more than just messaging though! You can use it to share your life just like Instagram (but it ain`t the trend anymore) and you can even use it to call the taxi and pay through the app (Kakao Taxi)!

The characters are more on the funny and strange-cute side in my opinion though so I guess in a way they're kind of quirky and comedic.

This is inside Starfield Hanam Mall located in Hanam near Paldang Station on the Gyeonggui Line. It is the second biggest mall in Korea and probably is the biggest mall nearest to Seoul. The biggest mall in Korea is Shinsegae Centum City Department Store in Busan and also biggest multi shopping center in the world.

If you're unfamiliar with the characters, here is an introductory photo below:
Photo Credit | KoreaNetBlog

Can you guess what this is?? What does it look like !? hmm...

It has charging ports!

And it even has a mirror! It's a portable charger that is disguised to look like a cosmetic compact mirror powder/foundation thingy (I don't wear makeup often y'all so I am sorry I don't know the actual name).

So cool! I could pretend I am doing makeup... but actually its a portable charger!


There are so many cute things here like accessories and stationary that I want to buy! 

They've got some cute phone cases with mirrors in the back, just in case you need to admire yo-self or.... well fix your makeup.

Omg I almost almost...payed $40 for a long pajama shirt here. But I am proud I resisted!

This leather-y travel themed set of accessories is kyuuute too.


If I had a pool, you can find me floating around on these!

The plushies were so soft and cuddly!

There were so many cute products including:
  • pajamas
  • beach towels
  • tote bags, pouches and other types of bags
  • washi tape, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, etc.
  • phone cases 
  • clocks
  • plushies
  • plants you can grow
  • wallets
  • portable chargers
  • laptop cases 
  • soap, shampoo, conditioner
  • mugs, tumblers, cups, etc.
  • and so many more kawaii things! 


P.S. HEY FRIENDS! If you want any product here on this page, shoot me an email at or message me any other way you can to let me know! I will be returning back to California mid-August!

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