Moving to Korea + Korean Skincare Giveaway

Monday, June 4, 2018

Every time I go to Korea, I always overbuy skincare products. The packaging is uber cute and I love how it's so affordable too! There are just so many different types that I want to try them all! And, they are great gifts!

My favorite store is probably Etude House because the store is bubbly and pastel pink. All of their products are packaged cutely and girly. I am not usually the girly type but I fall in love with their products every time. 

Another fave of mine is Tony Moly solely for the product packaging, although I am not too big of a fan of their products as much as Etude House. 

Holika Holika, another brand, won me over with their Gudetama collaboration. It is just too perfect of a collab! 

And even Daiso Korea has so so many cosmetics too that I bought a bunch to test since they are less than $3.

The penguin / cow facial foaming washes are from Daiso Korea! So cute! The meow spray deodorant, pink girl, blue girl, sheep facial peeling masks and facial yogurt are also from Daiso Korea and they were only 2000 Korean won! The rest are from Etude House and Tony Moly.

These Gudetama BB Cream and facial wash and facial peeling masks are from Holika Holika. 

Check out my haul! This is not even all of it!

So I got my Korean skincare haul last autumn while in Korea and am still working through them. I checked the expiration dates and most of them have another year of life! WOO!

I will be traveling to Korea again this summer 2018 in order to teach English. It will be my first time every going to Korea for working. The previous times I went was for studying abroad and traveling. I am a bit nervous but I know everything will work out fine. I'll be in Yangpyeong this time so it'll be a first experience living outside of Seoul. I wanted this new Hoppie Moments blog to about my life trials and tribulations and maybe some of y'all will find insight within it. I also shop a lot... and want to give honest reviews on what's worth and what sucks. So, look forward to posts about my shopping hauls, daily life, travel guides and more!


As a thank you to everyone that has been following my online journey so far via my Instagram and food blog, I want to officially launch this blog to the public starting with my Korean journey with a little giveaway. Every single word of encouragement and positivity I receive from fans uplift me so much in every way. I melt every time. A bit too much. I am a delicate butterfly... haha I want to share more of my life journey through this blog and cannot wait to post more!

I have prepared two mystery packs of Korean skincare that includes facial masks and lotion and more. If you love or know anyone that loves this type of stuff, enter for a chance to win!

I will be picking 2 winners for this giveaway, so spread the word! 

I will be mailing the prizes right before I leave to Korea, so the giveaway will end June 9, 2018 (Saturday). Two winners will be contacted via e-mail on June 10!

This giveaway is open to anyone in the United States

Entering the giveaway is simple:
Just leave a comment below this post saying HELLO!


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