2019 New Year's Resolutions

Monday, December 31, 2018

It's crazy how fast time passes by. How come 2018 felt quicker than a blink of an eye? I guess I had so much fun and did so much that it all passed by so fast! In 2018, one of the most memorable things I did was teach English in Korea for the summer. I learned so much about myself and about Korea and teaching in general. I might even do it again in the future!

As 2018 comes to a close, I can't help but reflect back on all the fun and memorable experiences. But I am even more excited to experience and accomplish more in 2019! 

Here are some of my goals and resolutions for the new year:

  • Treat myself more. And by this I mean, it's okay to say no to events and hangouts because sometimes it's nice to just be alone and do the things I love!
  • Wake up early everyday. I am terrible at this. When I was young I was always a morning person. But it may have been the early morning cartoons that helped motivate me .... Nowadays, I am definitely more of a night owl and sleep in too much! I don't wanna miss out on the beautiful sunrises anymore!
  • Be more physically active. I plan to exercise more regularly and fit my pre-food blogging clothes again!
  • Try Calligraphy. This is a new hobby I want to pursue! It is so fun and relaxing.
  • Explore more food and restaurants I wouldn't normally go to, whether it's media or not. There is so much I don't know!
  • Affiliate Marketing. I failed at this last year. I've been wanting to start but never got to it. Will be posting more product reviews and try do earn some passive income through affiliate links!
  • Attend Dance Workshops. I used to attend dance workshops when I was younger and loved it! I wanna get back into it again as it's a fun way to be active!
  • Become officially fluent in Japanese and Korean. 
  • Learn a new language. I am thinking about learning Mandarin! 
  • Start creating Vlogging videos. Maybe on Youtube?
  • Read books for pleasure.
  • Be more outgoing professionally and network more. Because I need an adult job. LOL
  • Do more photography aside from food
  • Make an Orange County Food Guide E-Book. I've always honestly had this in mind when I started my food blog years ago. I feel more motivated now for some reason though!
  • Be more frugal with money, even if this means less boba every week...
  • Watch tons of Anime + Drama 
  • Live more offline. 
  • Appreciate life. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Celebration! I know y'all will do amazing this 2019. 

Cheers to accomplishing all the things!

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