Just a Plain White Tee Against Not So Plain Walls

Thursday, March 1, 2018

I love love looooooove finding street art and taking photos of and with street art!  I had a little adventure down Abbot Kinney Rd in Venice Beach and found some pretty coool street art to take some photos with! If you're a coffee lover then Abbot Kinney has many cute and hipster AND trendy Coffee Shops! I personally don't like coffee so none of them interested me... BUT THE DECOR was so inviting I just had to take a peek in some! There are a lot of clothing stores on this street as well but I can assure you they are not friendly on your wallet. I thought they were quite expensive actually. Parking can be a pain but I recommend parking on the next street over. There is free parking in a lot available but it's limited to only 2 hours.  It's mostly filled though so try to find street parking! Every time I've been here, I was lucky enough to be able to find free street parking without worry!

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!

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