Paint Date with my Best Friend

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Gorgeous weather: the number one reason why I can never leave California. Although winter has barely left us, spring time here in sure feels like summer time!

I've heard of those events called "Paint Nite" where you pay a certain amount of money and you learn how to paint something with an artist at a restaurant or something. I wanted to do something similar but without the restraints of location and money and artistic vision. 

So, Kevin and I did it ourselves!

We went on what we call a "Paint Date" at the beach!

We decided on Sunset Beach which is just a little past the Bolsa Chica Wetlands / Huntington Beach but before Seal Beach on the coast of California. We chose this beach because it's small and has free parking! It's fairly clean too since the only people that visit this beach are the residents nearby. 

We set up our spot which included the cheapest biggest foil mat thing from Daiso for $1.50. I don't recommend this... but we learned our lesson. Just bring towels or something sturdier everyone... 

Thank goodness we go the red towel and ended up using that to paint on! We'd dip the brush into it to clean the colors off! How convenient!

We got two packs of acrylic paint from Michaels. That's 24 colors total for about $20 bucks! So so cheap!

A pack of fair quality paint brushes of various sizes were only a little under $5 from Michaels!

I was at a blank. I tried to let my imagination run wild but all I got was a blue sky with some spotty clouds...

Kevin decided to draw our latest obsession: Gudetama! I must admit...his painting was GREAT! And super cute!

Buying all the painting supplies from Michael's probably cost us around $30 bucks (we also used Michael's coupons which are available on their website!). Now we have a ton of colors for future use and 3 more canvas boards to paint on! We still saved the paintbrushes for future use and for future "Paint Dates" !

I love doing activities like this! We go to eat all the time but it's nice to take a break from all the foodie dates and to just relax somewhere outdoors (or even indoors) and to do something fun and creative!

The beach was nice and breezy (not recommended if it's too windy as it'll be hard to paint!) and I loved staring at the beautiful blue sky that day. 

I can't wait to paint more things! I hope my painting next time will be more creative! We can now have a collection of our paintings to put on the wall or an album ^__^.

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